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A Letter from the Principal

Dear Interested Families:

I am so pleased that you want to learn about Jackson School!

At Jackson School, we are a community – a community united in purpose. Our faculty and staff work together, partnering with parents, to help our students achieve their learning goals and set newer, more challenging ones for themselves. We encourage a constant sense of progress and achievement in our students. We nurture spiritual growth and development of the whole child.

Our curriculum is integrated. We believe that the way materials are presented must complement and build on learnings in other classes. At Jackson, we understand that math cannot be successful without language and that language skills must be strong enough to enable students to comprehend and process math problems.

The Jackson School community is very special. Each member has an important role – whether student, faculty or staff, or parent. We work together to enable our students to achieve the highest level of academic and personal excellence that they can attain so that they can go forth prepared for continued success in God’s global society. Please read A Look at Jackson School to learn more about us.

We value our students, our teachings and our programs. Helping our students develop and grow, in academic pursuits, extracurricular activities and spiritual oneness with God and with neighbor, the excitement and wonder at Jackson School never ends.

We welcome you to consider applying to Jackson School.


Susan Niden

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