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group smileJackson School is a private, Catholic, elementary school sponsored by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston. The school is located in Newton, MA, a suburban community outside of Boston.

Jackson School provides academic excellence in a Catholic environment. Currently the Jackson School enrolls 275 students in grades K - 6. Class size at Jackson School ranges from 17 - 19 students. With small class settings, faculty encourage the spiritual, intellectual, and social education of children to help them respond to the challenges of a global society.

Students at Jackson School are provided with a broad curriculum. The five major subjects are religion, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The special area studies are art, music, Spanish, computer, library, and physical education. The school is accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Mission Statement

science projectIn an educational environment which instills mutual respect, we strive to meet the learning differences of children in order that each child may experience continuous. success. We are committed to providing for the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social needs of the total school community. In all of our endeavors, we reinforce the Gospel mandate, "that all may be one"; and foster unity and reconciliation of people with God, with one another and with all of God's creation.

Children's Mission Statement

As students of Jackson School, we strive to love God and all creation. We take care of each other, work hard, and always try to do our best.


Founded on an educational philosophy of continuous progress, administration, faculty and staff of Jackson School promote a caring environment that nurtures the individual learning needs and growth of each student.

Through small class size, we support the cultivation of the child's competency in all subject areas, thereby releasing potential for imaginative and creative thinking. In a school setting that models cooperation, we acknowledge, learn from, and appreciate the many God given gifts of our students and of our colleagues. As Christian educators, we have assumed the tools and skills necessary to become life long learners.

Characteristic of Catholic School beliefs, we are committed to a Christian environment that is open to students of any race, creed, color, and ethnic origin. We recognize the importance of preparing our students for the future through teaching life skills which enable them to make conscious and responsible contributions to society.

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